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Be the hero of your next party or corporate event. We would love to provide the best barbecue we can for you and your guests!

Contact us via email at

Shoot us an email and include as much info as possible from the questions below. If you don’t
have all the details, that’s fine! We will use the information you provide to begin building a quote
for you and we will follow up with you to iron out all the details.

1) First & Last Name
2) Phone Number
3) Email Address

4) Type of Service Requested
a) Pickup
b) Delivery
c) Light Set-Up
d) Full Service

5) Event Date
6) Event Time
7) Event Address (not for pickup orders)
8) Approximate Guest Count
9) Approximate Budget
10) Are you planning to serve Sandwiches or Meat Plates?
11) Which Meats are you interested in?

a) Sliced Brisket
b) Pulled Pork
c) Turkey Breast
d) Pork Spareribs
e) House-Made Beef Sausage
i) House Blend
ii) Cheddar Jalapeño
f) Bacon Burnt Ends
g) Beef Short Ribs

12) Which Sides are you interested in?

a) Cole Slaw
b) Potato Salad
c) Green Garden Salad
d) Sweet Baked Beans
e) Pit-Smoked Green Beans
f) Cheesy Jalapeño Rice Grits

13) Would you like Dessert?
a) Banana Pudding
b) Key Lime Crumble

14) Will you be needing Plates, Napkins, Forks, & Knives?

15) Any other services or requests that we can do to make your event amazing?

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CJ Sausage 4.jpg
meat 1.jpg
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